David Elman
David Elman

David Elman

David Elman has over 20 years of film and TV production experience. He’s created commercials for such brands as Herbalife and Doritos, and acted in CUBA soft-drink commercials and The Good Woman of Szechwan.

He also produced a six-part TV Sports series called “The Upper 90,” which was shown on six cable stations across the country. The series featured interviews with MLS Stars Christen Press and Dan Kennedy among others. David was a commissioner for the Hermosa Shorts Film Festival, selecting all films and producing promotional commercials during its five year run.

He currently produces David of the Desert, a Coachella Valley focused YouTube channel, showcasing local businesses and events. His acting experience taught him how to tell a compelling story and provides him a unique insight into video production.

Eliot Rosen

Elliot C. Rosen is an award-winning filmmaker specializing in commercials and documentaries. He has worked on hundreds of projects in various roles, including producer, director, cinematographer, and editor. He is extremely proficient with a wide array of camera, lighting, and post-production software, including Adobe Creative Cloud and AVID.

Most recently, Elliot produced, directed, and edited the live-action film One Punch Man, which has received over 15 million views in less than six months.